Development Training

TechDova offers live hands on training on mobile Apps Development on Android and iOS directly from its office in Chisinau. The training is segmented into easily to follow and execute video tutorials with direct interactive assignments that enable the students to apply the topics that we just played on the tutorial videos. The end result is the immediate learning and application of the of the Apps Development lifecycle steps.


Mobile Apps are now a routine part of our daily lives, developers around the world now have the capability to develop their own Apps and publish these to Google and Apple. This has created a huge need for Apps Development Training and TechDova was established in Chisinau to deliver world class training in this area. Students taking our classroom courses are able to easily obtain attention from technology companies domestically and European and American companies seeking to expand their development pool.

Technology Consulting

TechDova consultants define, design and execute strategies that drive your business growth, reduce costs and create new revenue streams. We take a “big picture” approach, working with you to learn your business vision and goals, IT environment, skill requirements and policies. Then we develop short and long-term strategies based on best practices to deliver measurable results.


As a business consultancy TechDova has phenomenal capabilities at assessing business models, marketing strategies, product lifecycles, organization capabilities, and operations productivity. The results of an assessment form the basis for planning strategic redevelopment and redirection initiatives. Business consulting is executed as a joint engagement between TechUnity’s experts and a client’s executive committee. Operational staff may participate to discuss known hindrances to success and to validate redirection assumptions.


Software Engineering

As a leading software development/ product engineering partner to global software companies, TechDova provides high impact software engineering services and infrastructure and revolutionary engagement models that help clients launch new products faster, manage unparalleled customer experience, enhance product life cycles, and exploit market conditions.


TechDova has developed products in numerous application areas spanning a host of languages, databases, environments, platforms, and utilizing the most current tools. Product Development has been performed successfully for clients with products in areas such as Help Desk, Customer Services, Knowledgebase, CRM, eLearning, Content Management, ERP, Authoring, Promotion Management, Job Scheduling, Gaming, RFID, and Internet.Development is also undertaken in leading technologies that must be researched and prototyped.


QA Testing

TechDova's vast expertise and exclusive ability in software testing provides the highest degree of reliability. Testing is done by our competent testers having ample knowledge about the industry and process.  We will help you do software quality assurance for your systems on a professional level, finding your bottlenecks and correcting them.


TechDova performs Software QA Testing for clients that have developed software internally or through third parties. Products and systems are tested for: (i) Functional Accuracy, (ii) Software and Application Standards, (iii) Workflow Correctness, (iv) Data Integrity, (v) Human Factors, (vi) Computing Resources Optimization, etc. Our Software QA practices encompass the following flavors of testing: Verification, Validation, Functional, Acceptance, Usability, Stress, Baseline, Integration, Boundary, White / Black / Grey Box, etc.