• Restaurant app is an IOS APP that is specifically curated to cater for all your dining needs with menus covering all occasions, moods and cravings. This app Allows you to compare restaurant choices by rating, distance, cuisines and popularity levels especially when you are on a new city or just at the comfort of your own space. You can browse menus and photos of the food on offer, look at online restaurant guides by critics as well as other food lovers whose taste you trust along with expert advice on what to order. Furthermore, this app enables, you to order food and have it delivered to your location restaurant style and ensures that you spend more time eating and less time browsing.


  • Track-My-Kids is a dedicated kid tracking app designed to help parents to know the whereabouts of their kids to ensure that they are where they are supposed to be. This app is supported across major devices and allows real time tracking by creating safe zones that will trigger alerts to the user and receive emails and texts if a kid is out of a safe zone. Tracking can also be customized to suit various tracking needs and location history is also accessible online.


  • Coffee App is an iOS app that make life easier for at-home coffee lovers. Our Coffee app allows users to order coffee online from our exclusive cafĂ© menu. Customers can browse the menu, place their order through phone and request or pay the bill avoiding real time queue. The app gives the coffee shop menu greater visibility, allowing customers more time to read the variety of ingredients without the pressure of those waiting in line. The coffee app is compatible with all other commonly used devices. And makes it convenient for users to fulfil their coffee cravings fast