• TechDova developed a comprehensive Contract Management App that supplements a full service Contract Management System. This App was developed on Android with backwards compatibility to earlier Android versions and smaller devices. Several sprints of human factors engineering were conducted resulting on an app that requires minimum user interaction to execute the workflow directing contract negotiation, contract revisions, multilevel approvals, with supplemental attachments supporting most commonly known document types. This App has turned out to becoming the key marketing stimulus promoting the sales of the system.

  • The Contract Management App was first prototyped in the Jelly Bean version of Android, and then adjusted to accommodate legacy versions such as Gingerbread. This demanded significant effort to perform regression QA on a variety of Android versions and device sizes. The end result is a robust app that is hardened to withstand the permutations and combinations of usability from novice users in stabled environments to demanding field personnel in rugged surroundings. This app is highly flexible, easy to use, graphically intuitive, is accommodating to varying sizes and operating system versions, and is highly rated by its user community.


  • Customer Acquisition is an onboarding system developed as both an iOS App and an Android App. These Apps function on smart phones and tablets and enable professionals in Legal Practices and Law Firms to capture the profile of new clients and document the essentials to initiate a Legal Case or Court Docket. The Apps connect to a secured backend SQL Database using a complement of highly secured Web Services, and populates or retrieves data from a repository consisting of over 1.5 Million active Cases / Dockets. Data is also retrieved from a SharePoint Database that stores over 2.5 Million archived court records.

  • Legal professionals utilize the Customer Acquisition Apps when visiting clients, case venues, crime scenes, and other locations that demands the capture of case / docket information. The customer acquisition process is organized into an intuitive workflow that minimizes the volume of information to be entered into the Apps. This simplifies and expedites the acquisition / onboarding process, and as a result frees up legal practitioners so more time can be devoted to settling and closing cases. A complete audit trail is also maintained of clients’ profiles and changes to cases / dockets, facilitating a complete history of each acquisition.


      • eGiftCard is an electronic Gift Card system that allows the loading of purchasing credits into Android and iOS smart phones. The App enables patrons of stadiums and arenas or season ticket holders to buy and top up purchasing credits that can be consumed at concession stands within sports and entertainment venues across the US. The App is a cashless purchasing system that facilitates the effective dispersion of purchasing power (gift) to friends and relatives who better enjoy the autonomy of making their own buying decisions. This rewards the gift givers while relieving them from the burden of shopping and selecting gifts that may not be truly appreciated by recipients.

      • The App stores monetary value electronically to be used as an alternative to cash for purchases within particular stores, auditorium, stadium, arenas, and theme parks. The dashboard of the app displays four key functionalities: Balance, Purchase, Reload, and Account. Balance helps the user to confirm the remaining value of the gift card, Purchase lists the history of use at various venues and items bought, Reload permits cards to be topped up for later use, and Account displays the profile of the individual user. At the time of checking out, the merchant point of sales register recognizes the user’s phone is equipped with the eGiftCard App, and the user is prompted with the option to pay using their eGird.