• TechDova┬ádeveloped a comprehensive Barcode Scanner App that supplements a full service Contract Management System. This App was developed on Android with backwards compatibility to earlier Android versions and smaller devices. Several sprints of human factors engineering were conducted resulting on an app that requires minimum user interaction to execute the workflow directing contract negotiation, contract revisions, multilevel approvals, with supplemental attachments supporting most commonly known document types. This App has turned out to becoming the key marketing stimulus promoting the sales of the system.

  • The Barcode Scanner App was first prototyped in the Jelly Bean version of Android, and then adjusted to accommodate legacy versions such as Gingerbread. This demanded significant effort to perform regression QA on a variety of Android versions and device sizes. The end result is a robust app that is hardened to withstand the permutations and combinations of usability from novice users in stabled environments to demanding field personnel in rugged surroundings. This app is highly flexible, easy to use, graphically intuitive, is accommodating to varying sizes and operating system versions, and is highly rated by its user community.