• TechDova developed a Location Based Service covering the largest US cities. This service was developed in legacy J2ME and Windows Mobile and delivered location specific information to users of mobile devices based on their geography and their user preferences. The service has a user interface that is GIS driven, enabling users to location aware of the services and merchants in their immediate vicinity. The services covered categories of information such as shopping, entertainment, emergency such as hospitals, commercial such as banks, and several others. This app has since been used as a template to develop and deploy other mobile systems.

  • Depending on funding availability, TechDova may develop the next generation of the Location Services to test market evolving technologies such as Augmented Reality. The ultimate objective is to enable users to become more context aware of the offerings in their proximity, where context aware is driven and influenced by the preferences and lifestyle of individual users. The business model is that merchants will be receptive to paying for promotional advertisements displayed on the devices of pedestrians that are in their immediate vicinity, and with the further intent to present redeemable coupons as purchasing stimuli.