• Hairstyle Selfie is an iOS App that complements a sophisticated Salon Scheduling System. The App enables users to perform routing transactions such as Salon Appointment Scheduling, Appointment Reminders, Salon Locations, Maps and Routes, and many others. The App is differentiated by the fact that it enables users to search a database of over 5,000 hairstyles, locate and tag desirable styles, and present these tagged styles to their stylists / barbers. Users can also save “hairstyle selfies” of cuts and perms that have worked for them, and are able to present these selfies to their stylists / barbers in future visits.

  • Users are raving about Hairstyle Selfie since this enables them to easily maintain a complete gallery of styles that have heightened their appearance and visibility. Even more, now stylists / barbers can be explicitly instructed on unique style variations that have worked their clients. Gone are the days when clients become disenchanted by the results of salon visits, or the anxiety and anger when their stylists did not clearly understand their instructions. Hairstyle Selfie is totally mobile, traveling professionals and socialites can now more easily deal with stylists / barbers when they are out of town. Fashion conscious consumers and trendsetters can more easily experiment with pop culture fads. The end result is greater autonomy in orchestrating a fashion statement through hairstyles.