• Subpoena Serving or Processing Serving is a very mobile occupation that requires field servers to be on the alert since their candidate / target may appear at any inconspicuous moment. Technology plays a critical role in this industry, and TechDova was engaged to develop a mobile solution that equips servers with all the tools that are necessary to execute and close their duties in very short durations, which sometimes are measured in seconds. This App was developed in Android due to the fact that this operating system and corresponding devices are more open and commonplace, and this has become a success within the legal sector.

  • The Process Serving App has GPS pinpointing, GIS mapping, image capture, video and audio capture, signature capture, and the capability to notate these document types with a narrative of the serving process. This enables servers to capture in digital form all events and activities surrounding a serving task, making it indisputable that a candidate was served. The app is both synchronous and asynchronous, allowing servers to operate autonomously when disconnected from a carrier, and sync all captured data when connectivity is restored. A complete audit train is maintained of all serving activities which simplifies the closing of the serving process.