• Executive Dashboard is an online decision support system developed on ASP.NET, JQuery, SQL Server and other technologies. This system is specifically geared to the sale and rental of heavy machinery, encompassing functions such as purchase agreements, rental contracts, equipment return inspection, equipment availability, preventative maintenance, and parts catalog. The Dashboard presents a summarized status of business activities, with drilldown features that enable users to retrieve the details of summary transactions. It is a true executive summary frontend to a Big Data backend that augments managerial decision making.

  • TechDova developed a mobile frontend to the Executive Dashboard that function on iOS and Android devices. This app enables executives on the go to remain updated on current business transactions. The app has the capability to receive alerts when backend thresholds and critical milestones are reached. Although the app runs on devices with limited functionality, executives do have the capabilities to query the details of selected critical transactions and temporarily suspend pertinent business functions or tasks until the situations are research. This app is a critical tool for monitoring operations and maximizing business performance.