• eCRM is a Customer Relationship Management application developed for heavy equipment dealers that sell, lease, and maintain vehicles and machinery from brands such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, John Deere, Volvo, and Hyundai. The App was developed for both the Google Android and Apple iOS platforms with synchronous and asynchronous functional capabilities on both Wi Fi and wireless carrier networks. This technology flexibility empowers sales representatives to focus on closing deals without the distractions of having to meddle with sales automation limitations.
  • Sales representatives have unrestricted access to their CRM data anytime, anywhere, in a variety of modalities (phones, tablets, and connected PCs), using form factors that accommodate complex lease agreements. The App has the API hooks that transfers lease data to financing providers so payment arrangements are integrated into the completion of transactions. In addition to the routine calendars, schedules, tasks, calls, and meetings functionalities; there are more sophisticated capabilities to handle leases that are in pending status awaiting attention by other participants such as credit checkers, loan managers, or equipment being transferred between dealerships.

  • There are several unique characteristics that make the App configurable and customizable to the brand of individual dealerships. This includes, but is not restricted to, logos, color schemes, and arrangement of screen tabs to deal with large lease forms. Users have the capability to sync limited CRM and lease data into their local devices for rapid autonomous transaction processing, followed by a resync to the backend. In addition to the user functionality, the App has several exceptional attributes that significantly simplifies the software redistribution and upgrade process, which insulates the sales reps from any technical intervention generally required to complete an upgrade cycle.