• Weather app is a unique app that is android compatible and offers essential weather information to users from all sorts of backgrounds. This app provides real time weather updates as they happen by checking currently, hourly and weekly forecasts for a static location or a GPS location. It also has radar with a full range of features such as weather alerts and advisories to ensure safety and facilitate proper planning of activities that are weather sensitive.


  • Socialink app is a social networking platform that helps you to manage all your favorite social media sites on one common platform. This app is designed to help social users and marketers who would like to create engaging content and build online communities through a simple and fun app. Socialink app is compatible with all other commonly used devices and allows users to create a profile and interact with a network of contacts. This app will ensure social media growth through cohesive integration of all your active social media sites and aid you both to socially build relationships and build brands.


  • Go-trip travel android app is the perfect comprehensive easy to use companion on the go for any traveler. The user has help at his fingertips with this app. This app helps the user find his or her way around any place to stay, catch a cab, book flights or to find the popular local activities at a place. The app provides real time information, is compatible across all devices and is available in different languages.