Carving a Niche in AI!

TechDova is undertaking more QA projects and getting into rapidly growing technologies such as Artificial intelligence. TechDova plans to hire an intellectually diverse team to focus on general AI research, including traditional software engineers to build infrastructure and tooling,UX designers to help make research tools, and even ecologists to research far-field ideas like the relationship between ecology and intelligence.


AI in software domain:Almost every organization, whether in the field of retail or fashion or education or banking is trying to use artificial intelligence in a way possible to innovate and make their services user-friendly to provide convenience to their customers. AI is becoming the new face of doing business.Developed to self-learn and improve, artificial intelligence is being used to solve complex problems being faced by tech enterprises.


TechDova’s goal is to get a head start on the technical obstacles for  making smarter-than-human artificial agents safe and robust and AI-based standalone tools. TechDova plans to build a world renowned Artificial Intelligence centre to develop computer-based systems that exhibit intelligent behaviour in complex situations.TechDoa's applied AI solutions will help solve problems, communicate with people in new ways, and interact with the physical world.